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etNox-pendant "Star of the Aesir" bronze (BK5908)
etNox-pendant ''Star of the Aesir''

Stern der Asen
In Norse mythology, the Aesir are the younger generation of the principal pantheon. The members of this clan live in Asgard, the place of the gods, from where they reign the world and the people. The gods of the Aesir pantheon are martial characters, they include Odin and Thor as their most well-known gods. Their characteristics are strength, power and mastery. The amulet forwards these qualities to its bearer.

Collection: etNox-magic and mystic
Material: bronze silver plated
Size: 3 x 3 cm

The original size can also be seen in the catalogue

All items of the etNox-magic and mystic-collection come together with a gift box, the explanation of the magic meaning and a black string (if it´s a pendant, otherwise without).....

Price: 15.90 €
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